Sunday, November 5, 2017

Buy the correct holiday treat

It is well known that the whole world is going through a pandemic.  What we are seeing now is that even though the world is struggling people still want to live and enjoy all the same holidays and traditions that they always do.  To be honest I think people should be free to do what they want and this time of year children have more fun than almost any other time.  I believe that Halloween is one of those fun and incredibly social times where children not only have fun but learn amazing lessons.  I am truly a fan of this holiday because my kids get to learn manners and all kinds of lessons on sharing and loving others.  So this year I still plan on trick or treating and allow kids to give out candy to others around the neighborhood.  But with the  pandemic in full swing, I plan on making sure the candy boxes that we give out or purchase to give out work well with the spirit of safety.


That brings me to the most important part and that is making sure everything is socially distanced and clean.  That is going to be the spirit of this holiday and celebration all around.  I don't care rather the disease only harms 99.5% of people or if it matters to you or not.  What I want is for no one to feel unsafe and uncared for.  That is why I am making sure my kids and especially myself is going to be ok with both sides of the coin.  I want people to be safe and feel safe and we are going to make sure our attitudes reflect that.  Attitudes are more important at this point in time than any other. So get yours and your kids right before judging anyone else.  That is what my family is doing and I think that it is important.


Now when it comes to the fun part I think that getting the right treat and your favorite candy boxes need to be well thought out this year.  The truth is that people have always feared their kids getting hurt by eating tainted candy.  That is why much of the trick or treating candy is not individually packaged.  Make sure this year that you are following the idea that everything can be tainted.  Not by bad or evil people but by parents attempting to protect their kids.  People will spray and dip all their kid's candy in all kinds of chemicals to attempt to get the possibility of pandemic  off. 

I don't expect the majority of families will do it but I know some will.  I don't want to essentially give any kids a chance to get poisoned.  So I am only getting treats that are plastic wrapped because I know some parents or even some kid trying to be safe will do it!  Kids will do anything they have seen rather it is good or not. So make sure you are not going to be the cause of them doing something silly.  That is my biggest takeaway this year and you need to outthink all of these people who may do harm. 


I hope these tips are going to help you and your family be able to have a great time, this holiday.

Halloween and Treat Purchases

The most fun time to me is when children are having a blast.  I really do enjoy all the chaos of the holidays because even when things go a bit nuts kids seem to always end up having a fun time.  That is why Halloween is a huge boom to my spirit.  But there is going to be a big caveat to this year.  The problem is that safety and the type of candy purchased may play a huge role and how everyone will be able to enjoy the holiday.  Safety is paramount in 2020 with the scare of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The fact is that kids are almost immune and that 99.5% of people are safe even if they get it, but many people are always afraid of anything and I don't want that to affect their kids joy or even safety. So I want to go over the treats you should think about picking up to ensure that kids are going to be safe and parents are going to have some peace of mind if they fall into that section of worried individuals.


Safety and the idea of social distancing are not only a good idea at this point in time but required by most states, cities, and counties in the country.  This not only means you are required to wear a mask but to stay distanced and in some locations, you are not allowed to gather at all in sizes or groups more than 5 to 10 people.  It means that as a person who is thinking about trick or treating you need to prepare to give out candy according to your local rules.  That comes before anything I say because if it is criminal to trick or treat in your location then you probably shouldn't do it.  So look up your local rules and laws online and follow those accordingly. 


My biggest fear this year is that someone will make their worst dreams come true by getting poisoned.  This is a huge fear from Halloween or razor blades in candy, but this year it may be your own kids or parents doing the poisoning.  This is because some people and kids are trying to be clean and safe.  But if they end up spraying bleach or cleaners with crazy harmful chemicals on candy then it may hurt the person who eats it, if it gets through the candy boxes or covering.  I mean it, you need to be careful about the type of candy you are handing out so you are not part of this problem.  Candy boxes to me are out of the question because they are usually made with cardboard.  They could soak up the chemical and get into the treat inside.  Now that hurts to think about, and most people won't do it, but some may.  Kids who see it on tv or hear about it may do it to themselves or friends just to keep them safe.


This means you need to get treats that are fully covered and sealed in plastic.  Most treats are, but some are not and you need to know that it is a possibility and this year a probability of happening. So don't be afraid to have fun and trick or treat, but be wise and try to help others who may have not thought of that either.